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Code of Conduct

The Club follows the codes of conduct developed by Netball Victoria. There is a sepa­rate code of conduct for Players, Parents/Guardians, Coaches and Officials. Copies of these can be obtained from our Secretary.

Most importantly we ask all those affiliated with our club:

  • To respect the rights, dignity and worth of all fellow players, coaches, officials and spectators.
  • To show respect to all, to be honest and for behaviour to be conducted at all times in a courteous and responsible manner.
  • To be loyal and supportive of our club.

If you have any queries at all regarding these codes of conduct, please approach one the committee members.

Players Code of Conduct

  1. Respect all decisions made by the Pakenham Lions Netball Club committee at all times.
  2. Respect the rights and worth of my fellow players, coaches, officials and spectators at all times. I will also respect the talent, potential and development of my fellow players and competitors.
  3. Refrain from conduct that could be regarded as sexual or other harassment.
  4. Care and respect my Pakenham Lions Uniform and the equipment of the clubs at all times.
  5. Respect the decisions of the umpires and abide by the rules governing the game. Be courteous and use the correct process when seeking a rule clarification particular during a game.
  6. I will make an obligation to be honest with my coach concerning injuries, illness and my ability to train and play fully for my club
  7. I make a commitment to cooperate at all times with the Pakenham Lions Coaching staff and committee and conduct myself in a responsible manner relating to language, temper and punctuality at all training sessions and games I attend.
  8. I make a commitment to work at the best of my ability with my coach to ensure that I am adequately prepared for competition.
  9. I make a commitment to attend all pre-season and season trainings as advised by the club and my coach and understand that failure to do so will have consequences.
  10. I make a commitment to advise my coach and team manager well in advance if I am unable to attend trainings due to illness or compulsory school or family functions or events.
  11. I make a commitment that when injured I will still attend my team’s training sessions.
  12. I understand that the Outer East League’s fixture means that we play during the school term breaks, and therefore as such are available to play and train unless otherwise advised in advanced in writing to my coach/team manager.
  13. I will wear with pride my Pakenham Lions Uniform and also give my 100% effort and commitment to my club, coach and team mates during the Outer East FNL season.